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Legal Drafting. Redefined.

Rooka helps you to draft and review documents better by leveraging your craft with artificial intelligence. Avoid errors, get instant inspiration and track definitions right inside MS Word.


Augmented lawyering

Latest AI breakthroughs at your fingertips allow you to review suggestions and actionable insights related to the contract.

Rewrite. Simplify. Suggest... or ask the AI to do any other custom action

See instant suggestions on possible variants of a text or negotiation points to give you inspiration for your drafting.

Suggestions based on market-standard and your approved wording

Get a summary of key differences between a clause and the market standard as well as your firm's playbook.

A system tailored to you

In addition to tailoring the system for legal context and providing it with up-to-date external information, we offer extensive options to further change the settings to make the system fit your use case.


Avoid errors

We cover a number different types of common legal drafting errors, with more on their way.

Date matching holiday
For all dates and countries mentioned in the text, make sure they do not match weekend or bank holiday in respective countries.
Numbering mismatch
Make sure the number in digits is the same as the number in the brackets; 100 (hundred).
Duplicate defined terms
If you define the same term twice, Rooka warns of their potential clash.
Bracket not closed
Checks whether all (brackets have been closed properly.
Styling of defined terms
Make sure your defined terms are correctly and consistently styled throughout the contract.
Template text not filled in
Helps you make sure no [template text] is left in the final wording.
Firm-specific drafting rules
If your internal rules discourage the use of e.g. "and/or" and "shall", Rooka will report these to you.
Unused definition
Alerts you on a defined term that is not then used in the text.

Track useful information

Stay in your current context, while accessing a definition in a split screen. Comes with a suite of alerts for all those details you need to get right. This allows you to save time and keep your focus intact.

Link all terms to their definitions

Stay in the flow and quickly check how the term has been defined elsewhere in the contract, then edit the definition with a single click.

Compare with past wording

Review the statutory definition, market standard and your preferred wording of the defined concept.

Complete multilingual support

Rooka is the only solution reliably identifying defined terms in non-English languages.

> 28 languages
Right-to-left scripts
Declensed variants
Look up external information

Access company records, text of statutory provisions mentioned in the text and cited case-law with a single click.

*available in selected jurisdictions


The only solution with full language support for over 28+ languages for majority of its features, including non-latin and right-to-left scripts.

Right inside MS Word
Currently available for Windows, with Mac version coming soon.

Industry-standard security
Our plugin does not store your data and encrypts them in transit. Therefore, your data will not be used as training data for any model in our pipeline.

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